Other than finishing some tattoos, Dimas and Lois don’t stop drawing. While Dimas is currently work on his Japanese flash sheets, he also take a deeper study in skin texture drawing, then a friend, Bejo, came to visit and join us drawing 🙂 He likes doing dark themes.

That guy over there is BejoUntungLucky who did that drawing

Bejo did this drawing, a Grim Reaper riding a Hot Rod

Dimas Praja's skull study


starting on canvas

even Bella is drawing too! 😉

Dimas Praja worked on canvas n Lois fixed the tattoo pics to be uploaded 😉

Lois is having her last semester on her architecture study at Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta. Her final project is a tattoo museum and absolutely is dedicated for tattoo cultural renaissance in Indonesia. Here are some sneak peek of her preliminary drawings. This morning she presented this to the lecturers and it went well so far 🙂 good luck!

the "Pala Rusa" concept. "Pala Rusa" is one of Dayak tattoo motifs which is tattooed to Dayak noble hunters.

preliminary site plan


the look


Just drop in at CarpeDiem TattooStudio, Jl. Janti Baru no 18, Jogjakarta, Indonesia to join us drawing 😉

Make Art, not War!!!